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Use real gold as everyday, instant, secure and reliable money.

From paying at the checkout, to the deposit on a car.
No tokens, no credits, just real gold that you own and can spend.

Buy, save, send and spend real gold and other currencies digitally with Glint.

Hi everyone, welcome to Glint and what I believe is a much fairer way to save, protect and spend your hard-earned money.

Government issued (fiat) currencies are inefficient stores of value. In my lifetime, the US Dollar and British Pound have both lost around 85% of their purchasing power. In contrast, whilst we recognise that the value of gold can fall which means the purchasing power of the customer can also fall, we can see that the purchasing power of gold has actually increased by more than 500% in the same period.

All that backs fiat money are the promises made by governments. As we have seen during Covid-19 there is no limit to how much paper money a government can put into circulation and run up in debts that will need to be repaid by future generations. With Glint you can help protect yourself and your family from future losses in the value of paper money, by using real, solid gold, digitised for a modern world.

We all deserve a reliable form of money, and that’s why I think you’ll enjoy using Glint.

Jason Cozens

Founder & CEO

Welcome to the super safe and super simple Glint app and Glint Mastercard®

Watch this short film to see why you should have Glint in your wallet


It’s quick and easy to buy gold using the Glint app - any amount, large or small, at the lowest fees available. And, when you buy gold with Glint, you are buying real, physical gold, that is allocated to you. Glint gold is not a token, it's the real deal, owned 100% by you.


Saving your allocated gold with Glint is super-simple and super-safe, for a very small fee your gold is secured in a Brinks vault in Switzerland, insured by Lloyds of London and is accessible by you, to buy more, sell, send or spend at the touch of a screen.


Spend real gold as everyday money using your Glint Card anywhere around the world that accepts Mastercard®. Gold is a real, reliable alternative to government-issued paper money and Glint is your key to spending it safely and affordably.


Using Glint it! in your Glint app, you can now send and receive real Gold, digitised to make it quick and easy. You can also transfer GBP, USD and EUR between Glint accounts instantly, securely and all for free.


Glint's FX is up to six times cheaper than the banks! In addition to our ground-breaking gold currency, we also offer our clients the freedom to save and spend at home and abroad, in three of the world’s major currencies, USD, GBP and EUR, with more coming soon.


Spend real, reliable, actual gold and other currencies, digitally, on anything, anywhere around the world that accepts Mastercard®. From small purchases like a coffee, to gig tickets, flights or family holidays. There’s no need to use paper money ever again!

We all know that gold is the most reliable store of value and that it can help protect you from systemic risk and inflation, but Glint helps you to access that gold and gives you the choice of how to spend it.

Glint allows you to spend gold as money, in fact when using the Glint app, we enable you to swap instantly between local currencies, like the USD, GBP or the Euro and gold, giving you the freedom and control to spend what’s yours in the way that you choose.


Play this video to hear from real people, not actors, real, Glint users.

Your gold is held in a secure, insured & independent Brinks vault in Switzerland.

Your gold is legally allocated to you.

Your currencies are held in segregated & safeguarded accounts at a Tier-1 bank.

Glint has independent and regular audits of your gold.


Glint's world-class group of investors believe in our mission to redefine money and to make it fairer for everyone. Our individual professional investors are complemented by a number of well-established institutions, notably:

…GLINT is the one for gold

I have been looking for a way to buy gold for a while. GLINT is safe, convenient and no expense on insurance, transport and all the other difficult...

G Biggam

Pretty good wee app

Pretty good wee app. Think it’s cool that a small fish like me can get onto the gold ladder.


Very quick and easy app to use and sign…

Very quick and easy app to use and sign up for


Seems good for the moment

Seems good for the moment . Haven't received my card yet so i do hope theres no problems with that or using it in the future. The app seems easy en...


Fantastic service from one of the…

Fantastic service from one of the customer service representatives from Glint. Very helpful, quick response and great experience. Glint Is a great ...

William O'sullivan

Great experience

Great experience. Wonderful idea allowing me to get into gold.


Very seamless experience so far

Very seamless experience so far - really enjoying this much more practical use for Gold. Their customer service is prompt and very helpful. Ella i...


Satisfied customer

This app makes it easy to buy gold. I wish I would've known about this app sooner. I've always wanted to get some exposure into gold. I'll definite...

Christopher White

Service has been great so far!

Service has been great so far. Low fees. No hassles. No difficulty getting money into the account and invested in gold. Can’t wait to receive my ...


Everything was so easy

Everything was so easy. My questions were quickly answered and I received great support.


Very user friendly

Very user friendly. Especially for us over 65. :0) I'm searching for access for husband and wife. We both need access


So far so good...setting my account up…

So far so good...setting my account up was smooth and easy!

Kevin Durrant

it provides an easy process.

it provides an easy process.


Fiat currency to Gold! Awesome

Its exciting to have my Fiat currency transferred into Gold and be able to spend it like a regular credit card. My money is protected if anything ...

Joseph Brown

Very easy to navigate through the…

Very easy to navigate through the process from start to finish, customer service is very professional, knowledgeable, and quick to address concerns...


So far so good

So far so good


the agent was very profession and very helpful with me.

the agent was very professional with me and help me a lot thank you

Follower of Glint




I love the ability to buy gold, but the experience between your platform and my bank is slow.

The experience is great. The banking system on my end is slow. It is almost like they don't want to let the money go.


Seamless service

Seamless service


Easy to do

Transferring money and converting it to gold was very easy.


Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Christopher Baptiste

Account Set up and running

Account Set up and running, first oz of gold bought all under 10 minutes, excellent company.

Tony Lord

Very pleased with Glint

Very pleased with Glint; exactly what I was looking for in these troubled times . Have had to contact them a few times as I am old and not that ...

nick bali

This is a great app I’m loving…

This is a great app I’m loving it,thanks so much


I love how simple the app works

I love how simple the app works


Using the app is fast and easy

Couldn’t believe how easy and fast the process was. Very clear, well organized, easy to use app. Very impressed.


Easy process

Easy process, always wanted to invest in gold but the minimums were always to high to get started. With Glint I can invest whatever...whenever. pla...