At a time of extraordinary monetary policy and when trust in currencies, banks and existing payment systems has been eroded.
Glint helps us move to a more just, sustainable and inclusive global economy

Buy physical gold bullion

The easiest way to buy physical gold bullion at the lowest prices. And now you can spend it too.

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Unprecedented liquidity

  • Spend gold instantly using your Glint Mastercard
  • Any amount, big or small
  • Anytime, Anywhere

Protect yourself from inflation

Gold has maintained its purchasing power over time whilst the value of paper money is continuously eroded, now more than ever in history. Certain elements of the inflation basket, particularly food prices, are rising more quickly than others. Holding savings in the form of gold offers protection of purchasing power in a way that cash does not.

Buying gold protects you from systemic risk

At a time of extraordinary monetary policy, global uncertainly and when trust in banks is at an all time low, physical gold is the reliable store of value that gives you certainty in a precarious world. In addition Glint gives you the opportunity of a bottom-up return to sound money – your own personal gold standard protecting, not just your savings, but your ready money too.

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Peace of mind

The gold you buy is physical gold that is legally allocated to you. In addition, any money that you hold with us is safeguarded in segregated client accounts and the physical gold that you buy in Brinks, one of the largest, most secure, independent and insured vaults in Switzerland.

What our customers say

The initial wait queue soon sped up in January and it is very satisfying once you get your card. Easy to transfer cash in, turn it into gold and then pop down the boozer and buy a pint with your gold. Thank goodness as I hate carrying my ingots around with me! I’m keen to see how gold performs now but recent history makes me confident. Love this new gadget.


I’ve been a precious metal stacker since 2015. This is much easier. Just got my card this week. Loaded it with £500. Exchanged the £500 into 16gr of gold. Easy. No worry about having to sell my physical anymore. Although I will always keep some physical. Straightforward to use. Will see how it goes then hopefully take my fair out of the bank. Put it here

Maranatha Rob

The fact that Glint is different from the ground up is what sets it apart from any other debit card. You can deposit your money, in gold or pounds and spend in either. I decided I wanted to keep some of my money in gold yet still have instant access. If you're after the same you might want to explore further. Easy to use, good and very friendly client services.


How to buy gold

Open Account

Download the Glint App and register. It only takes a few minutes.

Transfer funds

By bank transfer or card into safeguarded accounts.

Buy Gold

Buy & sell gold in an instant. Real- time prices + Fees are only 0.5%

Spend Gold

Anytime, Anywhere using your Glint Mastercard.


Your account


  • Opening Account
  • Depositing funds
  • Gold Vault Insurance
  • Glint Debit card

Buying & Selling Gold


The fee for trades (including buying, selling and spending) that is built into the real-time market price that you see when you transact. More details



With Brink’s Zurich, one of the world’s most secure gold vaulting companies. Charged per annum.

* Until December 2018 then 0.125%

In the news

“By marrying the world’s oldest currency <gold> with 21st-century technology, Glint’s founders hope to get people using gold to buy goods and services, settle debts and send to their friends.”

“The world’s oldest currency is being brought into the digital age with <Glint’s> launch of a debit card and app that will allow people to pay for goods in gold.”

“Glint Pay continues to grow in popularity throughout Britain and Europe as the company has breathed new life into the gold market, monetizing the precious metal for the 21 century.”

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