At a time of extraordinary monetary policy and when trust in currencies, banks and existing payment systems has been eroded.
Glint helps us move to a more just, sustainable and inclusive global economy

Invest in making gold the new global currency

A payments platform allowing the world to spend and save gold in the digital age – invest from as little as £10.


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What is Glint?

An App and Mastercard that allows you to buy, spend and save gold via your mobile phone. Glint allows you to spend gold wherever Mastercard is accepted, any amount, whether you are buying a coffee or a car.

  • World’s first real-time payments in gold
  • Gold currency sits alongside multiple national currencies
  • Proprietary technology platform
  • Glint is authorised and regulated by the FCA

What’s so special about this opportunity?

  • 4.5 x company value increase since seed investment
  • We have already exceeded our launch acquisition and AUM targets
  • Distribution deals signed in some of the world’s largest gold markets
  • Experienced team and board in place to execute roadmap

Why did Glint start?

Throughout history, gold has maintained its purchasing power while the value of paper money has eroded continuously. Right now, inflation is rising, the cost of living is increasing and global banks are gambling with people’s savings. Using gold lets you take back control.

But I can’t spend gold in the shops… can I?

Yes, like any other currency simply link your card with your gold account and when you use the card the currency equivalent plus any fees will be debited in grams from your gold account.

Wait… is it real gold? really?

Yes! You are buying physical gold that is held in a Brink’s vault in Switzerland (that’s as safe as gold gets). Every time you buy and spend gold in any quantity using the app that ownership transfers instantly online but the physical gold doesn’t go anywhere.

Isn’t the price of gold always changing?

The price you pay for gold through the app is linked in real-time to the interbank rate. That price does fluctuate but is proven to hold its value across millennia – unlike paper currencies.

Our progress

and upcoming targets

Jason Cozens starts development on Glint platform

Q2 2015

£130k Seed capital
£2m pre-money evaluation

Q4 2015

Gains FCA Regulation for eMoney

Q4 2016

Beta platform complete

Q1 2018

15,000 users

Q3 2018

Launched on Android

Q3 2018

Launch in the USA

Q4 2018

Expected over 500,000 clients on the platform


Glint Pay Ltd incorporated
Ben Davies joins
Board members join

Q3 2015

Platform V1 complete
Mastercard network integration
1st real-time gold payment

Q3 2016

Regulatory approval in 31 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA)

Q4 2017

Launched on iPhone

Q3 2018

Launched EUR & USD

Q3 2018

Activate signed partnerships

Q4 2018

Launch in Asia

Q4 2019

Glint's founders

Jason Cozens

Jason Cozens

CEO & Founder

Jason has 20 years’ experience in the eCommerce technology and digital marketing sector. He’s the founder of digital agencies Visuality and Bite and online gold bullion dealer

Ben Davies

Ben Davies

COO & Co-Founder

Ben has 20 years’ experience in international financial markets. He’s a former Head of Trading at RBS Greenwich and the co-founder of Hinde Capital, an alternative fund management company in equity and precious metals.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards

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