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A note about Wire Transfers and Credit Card top-ups
We’re pleased to announce that we will be accepting these later this week and will make an announcement here when we are live.

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Use real gold as everyday, instant, secure and reliable money.

From paying at the checkout, to the deposit on a car.
No crypto, no credits, just real gold that you own and can spend.

Buy, save and spend real gold and US dollars, digitally with Glint. Now you can also send and receive USD between Glint accounts, using Glint it!

Hi everyone, welcome to Glint and what I believe is a much fairer way to save, protect and spend your hard-earned money.

Government issued (fiat) currencies are inefficient stores of value. In my lifetime the US Dollar and British Pound have both lost around 85% of their purchasing power. In contrast the purchasing power of gold has increased by more than 500% in the same period. While we all appreciate that gold can also go down in value, affecting purchasing power, evidence shows that it is a really strong hedge in the long-term. The only thing backing fiat money is the promises made by governments. As we have seen during Covid-19 there is no limit to how much paper money a government can put into circulation and run up in debts that will need to be repaid by future generations. With Glint you can help protect yourself and your family from future losses in the value of paper money by using gold.

We all deserve a reliable form of money, and that’s why I think you’ll enjoy using Glint.

Jason Cozens

Founder & CEO

Welcome to the super safe and super simple Glint app and Glint Mastercard®

Watch this short film to see why you should have Glint in your wallet


We all know that gold is the most reliable store of value and that it can help protect you from systemic risk and inflation, but Glint helps you to access that gold and gives you the choice of how to spend it, safely and instantly.

Glint allows you to spend gold as money, in fact when using the Glint app, we enable you to swap instantly between local currencies, like the USD and gold, giving you the freedom and control to spend what’s yours in the way that you choose.


Play this video to hear what some of our clients have to say about Glint.

Your gold is held in a secure, insured & independent Brinks vault in Switzerland.

Your currencies are held in segregated & safeguarded accounts at a Tier-1 bank

Your gold is legally allocated to you.

Glint has independent and regular audits of your gold.


Glint is privileged to be backed by a world-class group of investors who believe in our mission to redefine money and to make it fairer for everyone. Our individual professional investors are complemented by a number of well-established institutions, notably:


Love Banking with Glint.

DA VanHook

My first two attempts to use the were…

My first two attempts to use the were declined supposedly due to insufficient funds which was incorrect but the next two went through just fine. If...


Everything happens fast when I add…

Everything happens fast when I add funds. Like the app.


I f ound GLINT through manec 64 on you…

I f ound GLINT through manec 64 on you tube. I wanted to have physical gold and be able to fight inflation of us dollar and be able to spend it. N...


I am new to Glint so I had some…

I am new to Glint so I had some questions and needed help to set up and understand the process. The customer service agents are extremely helpful,...

Lonna Pfau

Simple and easy to use

Simple and easy to use. Staff very helpful.

Honor Rocke

A good way to spend

A good way to spend. :)


Glint has rather difficult to get set…

Glint has rather difficult to get set up initially having to go through U.S. banks....and getting transfers, but once set up it has relatively easy...

tony a.

Thank you for your service ...ill look…

Thank you for your service ...ill look forward to new features with the glint application

william carmichael


Ease of use a big plus. Purchase of Au quick as a few taps. Au is allocated.


I am still trying to figure out how…

I am still trying to figure out how everything works. So far so good!!


5 Stars

Glint is a wonderful service making it very simple to own physical gold.


I am new to Glint

I am new to Glint, have been using less than 1 month. So far I am loving it! Very easy to use!



Tight rules which is good and bad, slows down answers.


Cash is no longer King, Gold is!!

The application process was pretty straight forward. Moving money from my checking account to the Glint account was simple enough. And turning pape...


Everything was smooth setting up my…

Everything was smooth setting up my account except for trouble with the top up which I have done multiple times. I do believe part of it was my sen...


The app is extremely easy to understand…

The app is extremely easy to understand and navigate, no fuss. Customer service second to non, they were efficient and took the time to explain wha...

Rosalind Fox

Useful and Simple

I wanted to start investing slowly into gold. Glint makes it easy and fun!



Excellent banking experience


Excellent Support

Excellent support


Use of debit card

Still trying to figure out how this all works but I like the concept. My first time trying to use my debit card was denied so now I need to find ti...


So far very good

So far very good

David King

I've been a very happy Glint client

I've been a very happy Glint client. Establishing an account is easy. It's simple to transfer money to Glint so long as your financial institution ...


Great experience so far.

Great experience so far.


I'm pleased with my initial experience.

I'm pleased with my initial experience.


Customer service was resourceful and…

Customer service was resourceful and prompt! Resolution was easy and the representative was kind and pleasant. Thank you


Glint has been great way to buy and…

Glint has been great way to buy and track Gold. The Glint Master Card add security to our account. I do hope that in the future that my wife and ...

Robert F

Not come across any thing wrong with…

Not come across any thing wrong with glint

Dennis Rocke