At a time of extraordinary monetary policy and when trust in currencies, banks and existing payment systems has been eroded.
Glint helps us move to a more just, sustainable and inclusive global economy
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Gold is money again

Buy physical gold.

Store it in a secure vault.

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Buy gold

Any amount, large or small, at the most competitive premium on the market.

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Inflation erodes the value of your paper money. Gold retains its purchasing power year after year.

Spend gold

Spend your gold instantly with the Glint Mastercard.


We are laser focused on security. Your money is held in a segregated and safeguarded account at a Tier-1 bank.

Your allocated physical gold is held in a secure, insured and independent Brinks vault in Switzerland. Your gold is held in your name and is insured by Lloyds of London.

See how Glint enables you to protect your savings.

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