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Glint is rooted in the belief in financial fairness for all. Glint was invented to liberate everyone from our current monetary system.

For millennia, gold has been the trusted store of wealth. In today’s world, it’s a secure hedge against inflation and a stable currency when stock markets are volatile.

Glint offers an alternative to fiat currencies enabling our clients to buy, spend, save and send allocated gold with the flexibility of Mastercard.

Secure & flexible
Using gold as everyday money is
simple and immediate
Buy Gold

Buy gold safe in the knowledge that it is allocated gold, owned by you.

You can purchase any amount, any time, at market rate with our low fee at 0.5%

Gold is also available to buy on weekends at 1% fee.

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Save Gold

Holding gold is a great hedge against inflation and offers stability during stock market volatility and global conflicts.

Your gold balance is secured by physical gold held in Brink's Vault in Switzerland, insured by Lloyds of London.

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Send Gold

You can now share US Dollars, between Glint accounts, instantly, securely and for free.

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Spend Gold

Using the Glint Debit card you can buy a coffee, your groceries or your next flight with gold. Spend with ease and confidence anywhere you see Mastercard®

The Glint Mastercard® is accepted globally in 210 countires.

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36k+ Daily Users
Members using Glint to buy, save, send and spend gold.
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210 Countries
The Glint Mastercard® is widely accepted globally in 210 countries & territories.
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$100m+ Gold
Our clients gold is held in a secure vault in Switzerland.
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4.6 Stars
Average rating from over 1,600 customer reviews on Trustpilot.
Reliable & trustworthy
What our clients say about us on Truspilot
I found the app easy to use and the…
I found the app easy to use and the concept of having a debit card that uses my gold is great. Current times are troubling and gold maintains its value better over time than fiat currencies...and now I can spend it!
Angela Duncan
Easy way to buy gold!
The app is very user friendly, and it made the process of purchasing gold very easy. I appreciate the simplicity of the app!
Loretta Milton
Fantastic App and great concept
Fantastic App and great concept. Our current monetary system is only going to get worse - Fiat currencies have a long term failure rate of 100%. Gold has a true value and being able to buy and sell it easily is a massive plus for me.
Tim Broad
Quick and easy set up
The set up and verification process were quick and easy.
Simple interface
Simple interface and easy sign up process
Elvis Dacosta
Used for over a year now
Used for over a year now, so easy to use, not one glitch since I started using, saving, spending, exchanging, sending, for me it's perfect for how I see the future for money. Brilliant product and well supported app, going far this.
Peter Marston
Just started my experience with glint…
Just started my experience wirh glint but so far so good. With the economy like it is because of poor government response at the time i thought glints ease of buying gold might be a good step as this is by far not my firat attempt at investments but is firat time to try gold as an investment. THANK YOU GLINT!
Charles Gheraldabhum
First gold purchase!
I have always wanted to invest in gold and Glint made it easy and possible. Here’s to my future and way to hedge inflation!
Stable & global
What makes us better
Allocated Gold

Some banks loan gold to make money. Cryptocurrencies that are backed by gold are a digital token that has a claim on gold, so you don’t own the gold directly. An exchange-traded fund (ETF) doesn’t allow you to own the gold directly either.

At Glint, we’re different. All gold is allocated gold, owned by you and held in Brink's Vault in Switzerland.

International Wallets

In addition to holding your assets in Gold, we also offer our clients the freedom to save and spend at home and abroad in three of the world’s major currencies: USD, GBP and EUR.

The Glint App allows you to hold multi-currency accounts spend in currency and transfer between them and other account holders.


Glint Pay Inc. is a U.S. based authorized Card Program Manager. Funds are held at Sutton Bank, Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), in an FDIC-insured account. Glint Pay Inc. employs effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), and fraud prevention systems and controls to mitigate and combat risks.


History has shown gold to be the smart choice for wealth during turbulent times. Stock market volatility, rising inflation and global conflicts has increased financial uncertainty and risk.

No other currency but gold has continually maintained value over time.

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