At a time of extraordinary monetary policy and when trust in currencies, banks and existing payment systems has been eroded.
Glint helps us move to a more just, sustainable and inclusive global economy
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About Glint

The Gold Currency

We wanted to make money fairer

We felt it was unfair that money is prone to depreciate in ways we have no control over. We believe the readymade solution had existed for millennia, it just hadn’t caught up with modern life – that solution is gold.

Gold – now in electronic payments

So, we built Glint to reintroduce gold as money, for the first time ever as a global currency that can be spent real-time at the electronic point of sale.

Fair pricing

Banks, forex companies, gold dealers and money transfer bureaus often hide a mark-up in their exchange rate of between 3% and 8%. Glint has transparent and fair pricing which uses the real interbank exchange rate.

Independent And Reliable Money

Gold is the most reliable form of money. Independent and incorruptible, its value is recognized everywhere. Stored in vaults all over the world, it has been inaccessible. Until now.

Safe and Secure

Your money is safeguarded in segregated client accounts and your physical gold is held in one of the largest, most secure, independent and insured vaults in Switzerland. This means that, regardless of what happens to Glint and our partners, your gold is wholly owned by you, in your name.

More control and choice

To give you more control over your money and help manage it in ways that genuinely work for you, the Glint account, smartphone app and Mastercard allow anyone to store, exchange, send and spend local and foreign currencies, including for the first-time physical gold – the most universally trusted form of money. By making gold more liquid and technologically accessible than ever, it gives everyone an equal opportunity to prosper.

Boulder office

It is fitting that our US office is in Boulder, Colorado. In 1860, the city developed as a supply base for miners going into the mountains in search of gold. Today, the Glint team bring you a reliable and independent gold currency.

regulatory approval

Regulatory Authorization

Glint Pay Inc. is a U.S.-based authorized Card Program Manager. Funds are held at Sutton Bank, Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), in an FDIC-insured account. Glint Pay Inc. employs effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), and fraud prevention systems and controls to mitigate and combat risks.


Glint is privileged to be backed by a world-class group of investors who believe in our mission to redefine money and to make it fairer for everyone. Our individual professional investors are complemented by a number of well-established institutions, notably:

Fortune 500 company – market cap of $1T

Investing in disruptive technology

The prominent Asian commodity exchange

Investing in precious metals technology

Board of Directors

Glint is privileged to have a highly experienced Board of Directors

Jason Cozens

CEO & Founder

20 years' experience within the eCommerce technology and digital marketing sectors. Founder of digital agencies Visuality and Bite and online gold bullion dealer

Haruko Fukuda

Haruko Fukuda OBE


Former CEO and Board Director of the World Gold Council and investment banker with James Capel, Nikko, and Lazard. Haruko has served on the boards of a number of major international companies, including AB Volvo, and is a Non-Executive Director of several public companies.

Marcus Grubb

Marcus Grubb


Former MD of Investment & Strategy at the World Gold Council and CEO of Swapstream, Marcus was also global head of equities at Rabobank and a top rated investment strategist at UBS, Salomon Brothers and SBC Warburg. He is Director of Market Development for the World Platinum Investment Council.

Oliver Bolitho

Oliver Bolitho

Non-Executive Director

Former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Asia and head of GSAM in Asia Pacific ex-Japan. Prior to this Oliver led GSAM’s UK and Irish business. Alongside his role as Non-Executive Director at Glint, Oliver is President of Old Peak Group.

Glint timeline

Here at Glint, we’ve been working around the clock to build the app and services to address our client’s needs. We tirelessly focus on designing a product that can make money fairer and protect everyone from systemic risk and inflation. See our journey on the right!


We first developed the app for iOS and then completed the Android version. Originally, clients could have only Great Britain Pounds and Gold wallets. Now they can have wallets for Great Britain Pounds, Gold, Euros, and US Dollars.



In partnership with Wirecard Card Services and Mastercard we developed the Glint card in Europe to allow our European clients to spend their gold, or other currencies, anywhere Mastercard is accepted. We became an Affiliate Member of Mastercard Europe in Feb 2018.


Client could now store and spend Euros – and use it to buy physical gold in the app.


Client could now store and spend US Dollars – and use it to buy physical gold in the app.


We fully redesigned the app based on user feedback and launched it across Europe and the US.

Launch Launch in Japan / Peer to Peer / Business Accounts

All of this is planned in 2019!