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America’s Middle Class vs. Retirement (and how to punch above your weight)

Good evening ladies and gentleman... In this corner, weighing on your conscious continually your entire life; causing stress, fear, uncertainty and...

14 April 2019


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Good evening ladies and gentleman…

In this corner, weighing on your conscious continually your entire life; causing stress, fear, uncertainty and doubt; it only relents upon your imminent death, RETIREMENT…And in the opposing corner; recently downgraded, drowning in debt and just added to the endangered species list, THE MIDDLE-CLASS.  “Ding” let’s get it on!

These two formidable opponents have been counter punching blows for many rounds.  Sadly, the middle class isn’t quite the brawler it once was.  Retirement however is growing stronger and meaner.  Mandatory retirement ages, people living longer and inflation are only a few things opponents (like the middle-class) must worry about when getting into the ring with the retirement monster.   At one point the middle class was well a middleweight.  These days the entirety of this once proud class falls into a scrappy flyweight.  What lead to this severe weight drop in our middle-class competitors?  Quite simply a combination of debt and loss of purchasing power.  Both crippling and making it feel like your gloves are tied behind our back during the bout.

Before the tale of the tape we need to understand the definition of middle-class.  There are many ways economist define middle-class:  Income, demographics and aspirations are just a few things that can be used to interpret middle class.  Some folks would say you are middle-class if you own two working cars, one non-working car, a defunct pool and a freezer in the garage.  Middle-class neighborhoods have changed.  The days have disappeared when people gathered for a mortgage burning party.  You may recall Archie and Edith Bunker did this on an episode of All in the Family.  What was once a rite of passage, mortgages are now likely to outlive people as fifty- and hundred-year mortgages are not uncommon globally.

I would like to introduce another way to define middle-class, time.  How much time your savings will last you?  Retirement at the core is essentially you buying enough time until the last round and the bell tolls.  These days folks are living longer and actively living after retirement.  Retirees have time to be reborn and re-purposed.  Artists, gardeners, teachers, technologist, surfers, birdwatchers, grandparents or just being grumpy at everybody younger.  It is all up for grabs for our sage, gray-haired seniors.  This uncertainty means they need a fail safe while they fight the good fight. It’s time they sprinkle some gold on themselves as they wait for round two. Gold should be a part of every retirees’ savings account to ensure a long happy retirement.  Pound for pound, pun intended as gold is a heavy weight.  There is no currency that maintains the purchasing power of money over time the way gold does.  It has outlived every senior you know and did so for hundreds of generations before them.  Something I should remind you that no FIAT money has achieved. Since 1913 the value of the dollar and what it can purchase has fallen off a cliff.  What $100 bought in 1913 now takes almost $2,600 to purchase.  Here is the official U.S. government CPI inflation calculator.

In the ring when your corner is yelling “be first!”  Get in there and land those first golden sprinkled punches against retirement.  Retirement is nothing to fear. The prepared fighter soon discovers with gold in their corner that retirement has weak knees, no counter-punch and a glass jaw. Get the knock out and do it with Glint!

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