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Around the campfire: A golden immortality

As a young man I didn’t think about death. Like so many young people I thought I was invincible. Even when I becam...

28 May 2020

Jason Cozens

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As a young man I didn’t think about death. Like so many young people I thought I was invincible. Even when I became a young father in my 20’s I never thought about what would happen after I passed away. It wasn’t just because I had no time to think of such things among the nappies, the bottles and running my eCommerce agency. Mortality was for others. Or so I thought.

And then I found God Gold…

From its birth in the heart of a supernova, I learnt that Gold’s nature is constant, never changing. It’s one of the reasons we use it as money, as an incorruptible and honest ledger of what we owe to each other, always retaining that value.

But it was gold’s ability to defy time, age and life…for it to be witness to macro-economic cycles, black swan events and span generations. All those supra-human things about gold made me think about the bigger picture. It very sharply brought home to me the meaning of legacy.

The only thing we can be certain of in the long term is the breakdown of order. Entropy is forever. As if to test us, the good times will never last: a personal or public crisis is always just around the corner. But just far enough out of reach to lull a new generation into a false sense of security and foster unsustainable excess.

So, I look into the eyes of my sons and wonder – what can I do to help them through the inevitable challenges they will face after I am gone? Any ‘words of wisdom’ I may have to offer might sink in, something about how I conduct myself might have a long lasting positive and useful influence on them; but money always helps.

If I manage to save some by the time I die then I won’t put it at risk through an investment in some flaky get-rich-quick scheme but in the only tangible constant they can rely on: gold, money that stands the test of time.

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