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Glint Special Report: Here’s your guide to FX Summer spending

In the northern hemisphere temperatures are soaring (close to 40ᵒ in parts of Europe) so you'll need to keep cool if you are sun-seeking. Glint help...

7 July 2022


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In the northern hemisphere temperatures are soaring (close to 40ᵒ in parts of Europe) so you’ll need to keep cool if you are sun-seeking. Glint helps you to keep your cool by giving you the freedom to use gold as money.

It also gives you the freedom to spend gold (or Dollars, Pounds or Euros) around the world at a very competitive rate: by our calculation, we’re up to 6 times cheaper than banks, and there are no hidden or disguised fees. You can use Glint to pay for products and services in shops, restaurants and online, anywhere in the world that takes Mastercard, at the best available rates (no mark-ups here) and with only a small 0.5% transaction fee. You no longer have to worry about the risk of losing significant sums of money from shifts in exchange rates. If you want to spend in local currency when travelling abroad, with Glint foreign exchange fees are just 0.5%, against high street bank charges in the UK of about 2% and foreign transaction fees in the US as high as 3%. Most UK credit cards add an extra 3% cost to the exchange rates banks themselves get. And if you need some extra cash when traveling abroad then you can withdraw up to £300 (or $300) per day from ATMs that accept Mastercard®, with only a small fee of £1.50 / $1.50 / €1.50 per withdrawal from Glint, which just covers our costs. Don’t forget these top tips:

• If you are asked if you would like to pay in your country’s currency or the currency of the country you are in, bag the latter – mostly it will be more cost-effective.

• You can turn your mobile phone into a sat-nav which you can use abroad by searching App stores for free maps before you go. For example the free Citymapper app helps navigate public transport in more than 100 cities around the world.

• Make sure your passport is valid – some countries demand it is valid for at least six months from arrival.

• Download before you go the Google Translate app, which will help you in more than 100 languages.

• Liquids are banned by airport security – but not food.

• Dress children in super bright colours so you can spot them more easily in a crowded airport.

• Save energy when you go away – make sure you switch off all those gadgets.

• Don’t forget your Glint card so that you can save (on bank fees) while you spend, as well as being able to choose to pay in gold for only 0.5% when travelling abroad or for free in your own country.

So, if you’re travelling don’t get hot and bothered with hidden charges – cool down with Glint!

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