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We make every effort to demonstrate a balanced conversation between gold, crypto and fiat currencies when it comes to purchasing power and, whilst we strongly believe that gold is the fairest and most reliable currency on the planet, we obviously need to point out that it isn’t 100% risk free. Whilst we have seen a steady increase over time, the value of gold can fall, which means that its purchasing power can also decline.

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Bullion Bulletin: Silver Linings

"It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good". The collapse of SVB – if it doesn't bring about chaotic contagion – will have p...

19 March 2023

Bullion Bulletin

Special Report: Pile on the risks

The Swiss National Bank has called Credit Suisse one of Switzerland's global systemically important banks, whose failure would cau...

16 March 2023

Glint Special Report

Helpful Hint: Enjoy Glint’s Updated App!

Next Monday, 20 March, Glint launches its updated App, which gives a much better user experience. Those of you who have your App s...

16 March 2023

Glint's Helpful Hints

Soapbox: Blame the weather

Dominating the financial news is last week's collapse and liquidation of the SVB (Silicon Valley) bank, the 16th-biggest in the US...

14 March 2023

Soap Box

Bullion Bulletin: Central banks keep buying

After a record-busting year in 2022 – when central banks acquired more than 1,100 tonnes, 150% higher year-on-year – central b...

12 March 2023

Bullion Bulletin

Soapbox: Cryptocurrency and trust

The driving inspiration of the concept of cryptocurrency has always been that money is too important to be left in the hands of ce...

7 March 2023

Soap Box

Bullion Bulletin: Inflation and gold

February was a disappointing month for gold. Between 2 and 27 February, the gold price in US Dollars dropped by 7.3% and in Pounds...

5 March 2023

Bullion Bulletin

Helpful Hint: Use Gold!

The Dollar gold price is now its lowest since the end of last year, at just above $1,835 an ounce. In Pounds Sterling, the price i...

2 March 2023

Glint's Helpful Hints

Soapbox: Tough Snake

In Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, Macbeth ponders in Act Three his murder of King Duncan. Macbeth has seen a vision of th...

28 February 2023

Soap Box