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We're delighted to announce that we were named on TechRound's ...

25 February 2021


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We’re delighted to announce that we were named on TechRound’s Fintech 50, which highlights the innovation and success of fintech companies across the world. Jason’s blog for Elite Business discussed how the banking system punishes small businesses and how SMEs are looking at alternatives such as storing capital as gold and paying staff in gold through Glint It!

GameStop was one of the biggest stories of the month and our commentary on why private investors are turning their backs on the financial system appeared in the Independent (scroll down to 14:50 as this is a live blog). This suggests that unrestricted access to information through channels such as Reddit could lead to the greater democratisation of money.

In the UK, the Bank of England’s latest monetary policy announcement kept interest rates at 0.1% but paved the way for the introduction of negative interest rates which could mean consumers have to pay banks to save. Glint’s view in the Daily Mirror and Scottish Financial News argue that this is yet another blow to savers and will further impact their purchasing power.

Tesla’s purchase of Bitcoin was another major talking point this month. Commentary from Jason appeared in the Daily ExpressMSN and Wealth Briefing suggesting that this should act as a wakeup call to banks and highlights their need to rapidly adapt to meet consumer demand. We also saw a rise in the value of Dogecoin as a result of celebrity endorsements. This sets a worrying precedent and private investors tying their financial security to a celebrity’s popular should concern us all. Our views can be seen in several articles in the Daily Express & MSN.

In a blog for Scottish Financial News, we looked at the rise of alternative global currencies as well as how and why gold and cryptos are challenging the dominance of the dollar. Jason was also interviewed by one of the Personal Finance Editors at the Mail on Sunday, one of the UK’s most well-read newspapers, discussing all things gold and money.

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