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What’s your gold story: Ross Norman

Ross Norman is a leading independent precious metals expert and founder of   "I have never been...

30 July 2020


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Ross Norman is a leading independent precious metals expert and founder of


“I have never been a gold bug, nor ever will be. To me, a gold bug is someone who is a perma-bull without real regard to market conditions. A critical eye is, in my view, an essential ingredient if you are to be believable and to have integrity.

I had never imagined at the start of my career that gold would become my thing… but it was a chance trip to a gold/copper mine on Bougainville Island, off Papua New Guinea that things were to change. What impressed was the immense scale of the operation yet the simplicity from a processing perspective. Vast amounts of rock where moved, crushed, ground and sent to flotation tanks to later produce 82% pure gold bars.

This remains the extent of my limited knowledge of gold mining and my career has been effectively been a slow journey down the supply chain from there; initially in gold refining with Johnson Matthey, then the world’s largest, and later as a physical trader for 2 leading bullion banks (NM Rothschild and Credit Suisse);  thereafter I went into bullion information and investment products, ultimately dealing with retail clients. Relatively few in bullion have covered quite so wide an arc.

Perversely I seem to have acquired a knack for forecasting gold prices within the LBMA; that same critical eye, much breadth of experience, plus huge amounts of luck have served me well. I say “perversely” because I make no claim on being an intellectual heavyweight.

But then Napoleon always kept his luckiest rather his brightest or most polished Generals close by… luck begets luck and has certainly served me well”.

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