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Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST

Around the campfire: Let’s Celebrate Independence

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This weekend we celebrate the 4th July in the US; Independence Day! So obviously this got me thinking about Glint and about what we stand for. Independence… not being dependent on anyone or anything else… being strong and able to survive alone. Powerful stuff, but that’s who we are, we’re contrarian, we’re not just challenging traditional banking, we’re going head to head with the USD!

When I set up Glint, it was in the absolute belief that I wanted to build a fairer system of money, one that isn’t controlled by central banks and governments, that can make it unstable and one that offers opportunities for everyone. That’s why I focused on gold. Gold is an intrinsic store of value that can’t be wiped out, demonetised or corrupted – its not dependent on markets or the fallible financial system. With our powerful app, we enable everyone to have more freedom and control over their money. With the independence of gold itself, we can help protect their savings for future generations.

Being independent is something I take pride in, it takes a certain kind of person to lift their head above the parapet and say “this is wrong, there must be a better way”. I believe that at Glint what we stand for is something true and worthwhile. We’re building something new, a gold-based alternative to fiat money and transforming gold into the universal currency. I can’t wait to share our new P2P platform launching in our app very soon, that will open up even more opportunities for you all.

So, ‘Happy 4th everyone’, on both sides of the pond! Let’s celebrate being independent and let’s make the world a better place, together.



Jason Cozens
Founder & CEO

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