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Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST

Premiums for gold have increased worldwide – Glints rates also affected

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Such is the demand for physical gold in the current market  – the Financial Times yesterday reported that there was a “growing global shortage of gold bars” – that our gold provider has responded by increasing the spread in gold pricing.

The spread in price today has ranged from 4.1% to 5.9%. The graph below shows the buying price for gold (in green) and the selling price (in red).  This is highly unusual – typically the “spread” (the difference between the sale and purchase price) is almost the same.

The volatility in the “spread” is a direct result of the turmoil in financial makets.

Glint has therefore been forced to buy our gold at the market price available, while retaining our 0.5% fee.

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