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Charlie Morris calls a gold bull market

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Charlie Morris, Chief Investment Officer at Newscape Group and editor of the Fleet Street Letter and Atlas Pulse, explains to Glint why he has upgrade gold to a bull market for the very first time since he started his Atlas Pulse newsletter back in 2012.

A former Grenadier Guard, Charlie Morris entered finance via HSBC, heading up their absolute return offering during a 17 year stint notable for having a global economic meltdown bang in the middle of it. In 2012 he started Atlas Pulse, a regular report looking into the gold price and the validity of holding gold in your portfolio. Two years later, on leaving banking, he began editing the Fleet Street Letter investment round-up and last year he took on the role of Chief Investment Officer at Newscape Group, a St James’s based investment fund. Charlie is known and respected for his knowledge in multi-asset investing, absolute return, factors, gold and more recently, digital assets. His primary role is the Head of Multi-Asset at Atlantic House Fund Management, where he recently launched the Total Return Fund.

He hasn’t written an Atlas Pulse report in over a year because there hasn’t been much to say on the gold market, and few seem to want to hear about bitcoin from someone over 40. But we always promised to write an Atlas Pulse when the gold thermometer changed, and that time is now. He has upgraded gold to a bull market for the very first time, since he started this report back in 2012. Back then, the message was that a bubble was unwinding. Now, things are looking up.

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It should be noted that Charlie was not paid by Glint to write this report, nor is an investor or adviser for Glint.

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