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Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST

Stacking to the Stratus?

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Guest Editorial by David Sanders

When you are bitten by the gold bug or more specifically common sense, to some degree your world gets turned upside down. It isn’t quite a red pill or blue pill moment. However, should you suddenly find yourself wanting to get off the grid, do laundry in the creek while burying gold under fence posts, then the gold bug that got you was super rabid.

I have talked to all kinds of stackers in this world. There are stackers who make life style changes like giving up their nightly Samba class or paintball weekends. I’ve seen stackers have frequent garage sales and even enroll in medical/drug trials! And to think this all started when they first held a gold coin in their hand and said, “Wow! It’s heavy.” The rest is stacker history.

I love listening to people explain why they stack. It could be for big purchases like a home, car, or a crazy home-car i.e. recreational vehicle. Perhaps it is for their children’s future like college, a wedding, or just to pass down real wealth. Which brings stackers to another decision. What do they stack? What purity? Circulated or Uncirculated? Bullion or numismatic? Troy ounces or grams? Sovereign coins are beautiful but what country? Whales stack big bars and guppies stack fractional coins. No matter what you like to stack you will eventually have to come up with a safe place to store your precious golden booty. I personally recommend a professional vaulting service but here are some very creative hiding places.

Gold is heavy, don’t believe me, check it!  All those movies with people loading sacks full of gold and throwing it over their shoulder, yeah right!  When you are all stacked up and stacked out please consider another alternative and step right this way into the modern world of gold. Glint gives you the ability to save and spend physical gold. The real convenience is the Glint app on your phone and the Glint MasterCard on your person. Stacking suddenly became a lot more convenient for everybody and there won’t be any long lines to hassle with at the coin shop.


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