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Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST

Gold beats Crypto

Glint delivers a more reliable, independent and ultimately fairer alternative to government-issued paper-money. Glint is the first company that lets you use physical gold as digital money. You can buy/sell and save your gold via the Glint app and spend it with the Glint debit Mastercard.

While we believe that cryptocurrencies share our vision – which is that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to prosper with a secure and reliable form of money – Glint is not a cryptocurrency.

It’s better than that.

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Gold is finite

As Mark Twain said about land – they’re not making it anymore. No-one can magic more gold into existence by punching out a line of computer code.

Cryptocurrencies make a show of being in limited supply, but their supply can be increased at any time.

Gold is freedom

Governments buy and sell gold – but they don’t control the supply of gold. Gold has always been – and always will be – beyond the control of any government.

All cryptocurrencies have to operate under the rules of the blockchain, which causes problems like transaction delays. In such a volatile market as today, such delays can be costly.

If you want to transfer cryptocurrencies you face hefty fees. With Glint’s revolutionary use of gold, you’ll have the freedom to buy, sell and spend any amount of your gold at just 0.5% of the transaction’s value.

Gold is valued globally

No-one knows what the real value of a cryptocurrency is. The price of a cryptocurrency can be moved by very small trades. Hence their wild price swings.

Gold is globally traded by millions of people, its value is universally transparent, all the time.

Nobody can trust a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously open to cyber-crime. Their opacity is their weakness. Everyone knows what’s happening in the gold world.

Who regulates the confusing maze of myriad cryptocurrencies? It’s like trying to find your way through a horde of angry hornets…The lack of regulations on cryptocurrencies makes trust in them a fool’s errand; fortunes can be made – and lost – in the twinkle of an eye.

Governments will not let the current cryptocurrency free-for-all live forever….

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