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Can I redeem my Glint physical gold?

Can I redeem my Glint physical gold?

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All physical gold is legally owned by the client; therefore, clients can redeem their gold.

Your record of ownership is the Glint ledger which is reflected on a personal basis in the app as your gold account balance. The transaction statement is effectively your receipt of purchase and statement of ownership.

Glint operate a tripartite reconciliation of its client’s gold holdings.  Glint gets an independent statement form both our Gold Liquidity provider and the vault (Brinks) and matches those records of assets held against the Glint Client holding in the Glint Ledger. This is to make sure the gold purchased by our clients corresponds with what has been purchased through and allocated by our liquidity provider and is subsequently residing in the vault.

The Vault is audited quarterly by an independent auditor and is further confirmed as part of our annual financial audit.

Glint is not a Gold exchange and is not the most efficient and cost effective way to buy gold for delivery. However, we do allow clients, if they really want to, delivery of their gold subject to minimum volume (10g) and there after only whole numbers (no fractions), fabrication and deliver costs.  Clients will need to contact customer service who will arrange for a quote for the transaction.  Fee’s for delivery of gold are charged up front so clients will need to have sufficient funds in their account to cover the cost.

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