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Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST

How do I add my Glint account as an external account to transfer to?

How do I add my Glint account as an external account to transfer to?

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  1. Login to your bank’s online/mobile banking.
  2. Select Transfers. Look for ACH transfer, electronic transfer, transfer between banks, etc.
  3. Look to add or manage your external accounts.
  4. Here you will add your Glint account as an external account. Your Glint account is a personal, domestic checking account.
  5. Enter your account information and click Next.
    1. Account name: Enter your name or “Glint Pay” (Disregard reference number)
    2. Glint Account Number (To locate, click Top Up in the Glint app)
    3. Routing Number: 041215663
  6. Your bank will attempt to instantly verify your External Glint account. If your bank is unable to complete instant verification, your bank will send two test deposits.
  7. Within 1-2 days, your bank will make two small deposits of less than $1.00 into your Glint account.
  8. Once you have received the deposits in your Glint account, Glint Customer Support will let you know the two test deposit amounts via email. You will also be able to see them on your Glint app under USD transactions (click on your USD balance for a full transaction list).
  9. You will need to verify those deposits with your bank. Go to your online banking and find your external accounts. Here you can input the test deposit amounts for verification.
  10. Once verified, you can begin sending full transfers to your Glint account.

*Some steps may vary, but the above should be very close. If you need further instruction on your specific bank’s ACH transfer set up, please contact your bank.

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