Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST
Client Support: (877) 258-0181    Mon-Fri 9am-6pm MST

How Glint Works

The Gold Currency

Get Started

It’s free, quick and easy to open an account. In just minutes you’ll be ready to buy/sell, save and spend gold and multiple currencies via the Glint app and Mastercard.


You fund – add money to – your account by bank transfer or debit card.


You can hold your money in the form that’s best for you – In dollars or gold and multiple other currencies very soon!


You can convert your money between USD and GOLD instantly and securely, with a transaction fee of just 0.5%.


With the Glint MasterCard you can spend your money anytime, anywhere, at home or abroad in over 150 different currencies.


You can withdraw money anytime, anywhere at any ATM that accepts MasterCard.

Freeze your Card

Lose your card? No problem. You can instantly freeze it with the app – so no-one can steal your money. Find it again? Then just use the app to unfreeze it.


Your money is totally secure – Glint abides by legal and regulatory obligations to Sutton Bank, who complies with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Spend Gold

For the very first time you can spend gold globally, like any other currency, using the Glint Mastercard.


There are no hidden fees. At Glint we use the inter-bank interest rate and only charge a small 0.5% transaction fee. That makes us up to 8 times cheaper than banks.

Easy and quick

At your finger-tips, buying gold and other currencies couldn’t be easier, from as little as 1 cent to $millions, in seconds, using the Glint App.

What we are not

Glint is not a bank or a crypto-currency.

Direct ownership

Here’s a boring but important bit: Banks lend ‘your’ gold and paper money to gain interest. With crypto-currencies ‘backed’ by gold, you own a digital token that has a claim on the gold, but you don’t own the gold directly. ETFs are supposed to be ‘backed’ by gold, but you still don’t own the gold directly, you just own a share of the fund. These methods of buying and saving gold and paper money expose you to significant and unknown risk.

At Glint, we’re different. We maintain a secure full reserve of all user funds at Sutton Bank in Attica, Ohio. Your gold really is your gold – it’s physical gold bullion that is legally allocated to you and stored in a vault in Switzerland.

Your money really is yours. For every dollar held in your Glint account, Sutton Bank holds an equivalent amount in their reserve. For every ounce of gold held in your account there is an ounce of physical gold owned by you in the vault in Switzerland. There is no token, fund or bank that sits in between you and ownership of your money.

Glint users can be 100% confident that their money is safe, at all times.

Download the Glint App to start saving and spending your gold

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