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Around the campfire: Fight for true liberty

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This year, perhaps more than most, we all need to take a break from the daily grind. Like many people I feel in the need of some warm sunny escape for a week. But navigating the restrictions on where one can travel right now is almost as much of a nightmare as choosing the ‘right’ hotel. Thank you Covid.

Would I travel to the US to maybe frolic at Disney World in Orlando and take in a Florida beach? Not that this option is open right now. “Returning to a world of magic” it says on the Walt Disney World website. That ain’t gonna happen – President Trump banned flights from the EU in March for all but a very select band of the exempt. Visitors from the UK are not, in general, allowed in.

Mind you, would a libertarian like me want to visit the US right now? I don’t just mean all the uncertainties over the Presidential election. I’m thinking also of the way in which President Trump has shoe-horned Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court, to replace the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who spent her life championing women’s rights. The Supreme Court thus cements a 6 to 3 conservative majority.

Barrett is a woman, which is in her favour – but against are the facts that during her hearings leading up to her confirmation she declined to say whether she would uphold access to safe abortion, birth control, or fertility treatment. She’s an opponent of greater gun control. There are also doubts about how she will vote on the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare) which comes before the court on 10 November. Despite being approved twice before by the court, the ACA could be overturned on a technicality. That would in turn mean as many as 20 million people losing healthcare coverage.

I might be a libertarian, but one with a heart, I hope. I am trying to bring a new, safer and more reliable way of looking at money – gold – to all, not just the few. America once was the land of liberty, but recently seems to have taken an unpleasant turn; power and politics appear to be riding roughshod over all manner of things that true libertarians hold dear.

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