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Around the campfire: From ‘fond of gold’ to ‘king of bling’ – what a world we live in

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As  I contemplate travelling on the tube into Central London and the mandatory requirement to wear a mask, it strikes me that I probably won’t be following the example of Shankar Kurhade, the Indian businessman who has spent almost 300,000 Rupees – more than £3,000 or almost $4,000 – on having himself crafted a gold mask. India made the wearing of masks outside the home compulsory in April, in England they will be compulsory in shops and supermarkets from 24th of July.

Kurhade admits it may not help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, but he says he is “fond of gold”. So am I, but a mask which weighs two ounces might be a little burdensome for an hour spent travelling on the Northern Line. In India, bling is not naff but cool – people are decorating their face masks there with gold, semi-precious stones and even diamonds.

Of course, the king of bling is none other than the husband of Kim Kardashian, one Kanye Omari West, superstar rap musician and fashionista. It’s been a while since Kanye dropped round for tea and crumpets, but then he’s very busy.

A fashion icon with his own line of clothing and shoes, a record producer, a movie actor, famous supporter of Donald Trump… what has Kanye not turned his hand to?

As I stirred the ashes around the campfire this week and mused on who will win this November’s US presidential election, I recalled that Kanye has dipped his toe in those muddy waters by announcing on Twitter – where else? – that he would be standing for the top office.

Kanye said in an interview that he no longer supported Donald Trump because he hid in a “bunker” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As China squares up to the West while rattling its sabre at Taiwan and UK mobile providers are told to remove all Huawei’s 5G kit from their networks following sanctions imposed by Washington, I consider diamond-encrusted gold Covid-19 protection; in the context of the world feeling slightly bleaker, this doesn’t actually feel too crazy. Who knows – maybe Kanye would fit the Oval office after all.

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