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Around the campfire: Get Social, Get Sharing. Glint it!

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One of the most important things for all of us to learn is that we are social creatures. This socialisation – internalising the norms and values of our society – is the key to being able to grow into a mature and balanced adult.

Without proper socialisation you could end up being introverted and shy – at worst you might find yourself being seen as a psychopath, and the world has enough of those right now, not least in positions of political authority. We can all think of encounters we have had with people who have never learned proper socialisation. It’s a horrible experience.

So I spend a lot of time with my children encouraging them to engage with others, to take the wishes and needs of others into consideration. Don’t offend or hurt the feelings of others, and do think about what they want. Putting it simply, try not to be selfish – try to share.

Share your toys, share your snacks, share your most precious possessions. It’s not just about being fair – it also makes them/you feel good. Sharing more is one way we can help everyone to overcome the stresses resulting from this long period of social isolation. After all, it’s not normal to live in ‘bubbles’. We were built for others.

Acts of kindness and generosity have long been understood as promoting long-term well-being, which is surely what we are all after.

Glint it! enables us to instantly share. To give and receive currencies and real gold. It’s very easy and has lots of applications. Share the cost of a meal with a friend – Glint It! Send some gold or other currency to a student at university – Glint It!

People who habitually share good things that make them feel happy tend to feel more satisfied with their life. Now we have made it simplicity itself to share money, instantly with others.

Glint it! share money, quickly and safely. Simple as that. Available in your Glint app now.

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