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Around the campfire: Healing divisions

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We never stop worrying about our children. This is a particularly tricky time for young people. They have all the usual pressures – get through adolescence, get an education, get a job, find a partner, find a place to live – on top of which they are heading into a world which feels more divided than ever.

The old settled order, the familiarity of things that surrounded me when I was becoming an adult, has all gone. If the world is entering a ‘new normal’ then for the sake of our children we should do our best to make sure that it’s a normal where divisions are overcome, not exaggerated.

The biggest divide is of course between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. I read this week that in the US and the UK women from the wealthiest groups are likely to have 33 years of healthy life after the age of 50 (and men 31 years). Women and men in the poorest groups are likely to have nine fewer healthy years after 50. The World Inequality Report (published in 2018) said that between 1980 and 2015 the share of pre-tax income going to the richest 1% more than doubled in China and India and grew by 80% in the US.

There’s nothing much that Glint alone can do to heal this divide, but we are doing what we can, by democratising money and making it simpler to use. We all need the same things – food, security, a roof over our heads, people we can share with. Above all, we need a stable form of money – and for me that means gold, which cannot be tinkered with. Everyone is welcome at Glint, there are no divisions.

And with Glint it! , our new peer-to-peer function, which you will see active in your Glint app at the beginning of September, that sharing becomes even easier.

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