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Around the campfire: Nannies need to be trustworthy

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Are you going back to the office? The rules have changed again. Just a short while ago we all were being told to go back to the office to help get the economy moving again – but now it’s work from home if you can. We need to obey what nanny tells us. Or else she will punish us.

We live in a nanny state, and in many ways that’s a benefit. The NHS has certainly proved useful recently. But the diktats from government are not limited to face masks. The nanny state intrudes far beyond social distancing rules, and goes deep into the ways in which we order our finances. Being required to wear a face mask is at worst a trivial nuisance – but being required to use fiat (paper) money is a much bigger intrusion. The decline in value over time of the pound, dollar, yen or other fiat currency means that what nanny tells us we can use as money is not to be trusted. Paper money is no store of value; it shrinks over time.

This is the point about nannies – things cut both ways. Nanny is there to protect us, but we need to be sure that she can be trusted. Countries are now dividing sharply between those who trust the nanny’s rules over Covid-19 suppression and those who don’t. For me there is a much more serious trust issue – over money. As governments rack up enormous debts all over the world, where are the nannies we can trust who will protect us all against losses of purchasing power?

Don’t leave it all to nanny – use your Glint card to spend and save in gold, which needs no nanny-care to protect its value.

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