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Glint Pay debuts in US with gold-based debit Mastercard and app

Fintech firm Glint Pay, which enables usage of gold as an alternative global currency, has

U.K. fintech company sets up U.S. offices in Boulder

BOULDER — A British financial company trying to modernize the gold standard has set up

Glint launches gold-based debit Mastercard and app in US

Glint Pay Inc. (Glint), a subsidiary of the U.K.-based fintech company that makes gold an

U.S. Consumers Can Now Use Gold To Buy Every-Day Items

The gold market has reached a historic moment as U.S. citizens can now monetize physical

Glint Pay launches gold-backed debit card in the U.S.

Glint Pay launched its gold trading and payment platform in the U.S. this week, part

Spend gold like money? Glint says its debit card makes it possible

A new debit card allows users to spend their goldlike dollars. U.K. fintech company Glint launched its debit

Glint Democratizing Gold With New Gold-Backed Debit Card

“The Glint debit card launches today,” says Glint CEO Jason Cozens. “I hope everyone downloads

U.K. fintech Glint brings gold-based debit Mastercard to U.S.

Glint has launched a U.S. version of its European gold-based debit Mastercard and app that

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