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Trust is a rare commodity these days. At Glint, trust is at the core of everything we do.


Since 2008 – the last financial crisis – many people understandably distrust banks, governments, and paper currencies.

Ordinary people fear for their future – it’s easy for us to worry about recession, inflation and general financial instability; so, we yearn for something we can trust, a different way of using and looking after our money. That’s why some people look at alternatives like cryptocurrencies.

At Glint, we are convinced that there is no currency that is more reliable and trustworthy than gold.

It’s proved that technological disruption or government crackdown could severely damage existing cryptocurrencies, whereas gold has shown itself to be the most immune to technological disruption and market fluctuation – even when governments have tried to restrict its usage.

Everyday Uses

We just got back from a wonderful 2 week vacation. Used Glint seamlessly to pay for food, hotels, gas, and more. Just before we left, gold went up,...


A great option for a first time gold investment

A great option for a first time gold investment. Sign-up process is easy and quick. Setting up the wire transfer for your first deposit requires a ...


Excellent service!

Excellent service!


The card works great 👍🏻

The card works, I’ve purchased things with it. Check. Easy to use, ticks all the boxes. And I can step away from the big banks who I don’t part...


So far so good

So far so good. I’ve bought a couple of ounces. But I haven’t gotten my card yet or tried to draw any out. I’m nervous about it but I read Gl...


Awesome option to what is out there…

Awesome option to what is out there today.


Great idea behind Glint

Great idea behind Glint. The App, however, is simple, but not intuitive.

Emanuel Feldman


I don’t know what experience I’m supposed to be reviewing… haven’t had any interactions with Glint lately… but everything is OK.


Another way to hold gold 💯💯

Another way to hold gold 💯

Mike B.

Account was credited quickly and Debit…

Account was credited quickly and Debit Card received promptly.



I'm a technophobe but found Glint easy to use after downloading the app I found out about Glint from a YouTuber called Mario64 So far my account ...


It was a snap to buy gold

It was a snap to buy gold. My problem today I want to buy more gold but did not write down the pin number I used when I registered. How can I reset...


I still wish that you had more than…

I still wish that you had more than just an app to do business.


Greatest app for gold…

Greatest app for gold exchange⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!!


Great App and service.

Great App and service.


Very easy o use and transfer funds into

Very easy o use and transfer funds into


Glint has been a really fun to…

Glint has been a really fun to experiment with at first, but quickly realized that it’s a seriously good tool and can be operated as a proper ban...


Delay in response to questions made…

Delay in response to questions made initial purchase difficult


Happy clients!!

My husband and I had some questions at first...they were tough questions based on the current economic potential changes. Our questions were answer...


This app is very easy to use

This app is very easy to use. It is extra secure. Their credit card offers options depending on how you wish to utilize it. I look forward to conti...


It went very well

It went very well. I do wish you had a computer desktop app. Thank you.


No problems so far

No problems so far. Excellent prices on gold.


What great concept

What great concept Deposit USD buy gold let it appreciate get MC spend like cash. What a great site

Gary Doolittle

Everything is great

Everything is great! One improvement needed is the ability to add my spouse as an additional cardholder on my account.


So Far... So Good.

I'm just getting started but so far everything has been as advertised. I'm looking forward to a long relationship.



Excellent, easy way to invest in gold yet still remain simply solvent if the need arises.


Easy access to buying gold..

Easy access to buying gold... feels safe and no one's going to mine for it! Do far so good....lucky investment has even gone up in value too!


I’m loving this app.

I’m loving this app.. being able to transfer and buy Gold when I want to is a freeing experience! Thank you for all you do! And a huge Thank You ...




At Glint, our clients have allocated, legal ownership of their gold. There is no crypto token or fund that sits between them and ownership of their gold. Our clients trust Glint because they know that no matter what happens to our company – their gold is safe and protected.


At Glint, your gold is real, physical gold, legally allocated to you. It’s not paper or a credit note; it is real gold, kept in a Brinks vault in Switzerland, insured by Lloyds of London and it is no-one else’s liability.


Gold can’t be destroyed or corrupted. For thousands of years, across human civilizations, it’s been a proven store of value.


Glint Pay Inc. is a U.S.- based authorized Card Program Manager. Funds are held at Sutton Bank, Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), in an FDIC-insured account. Glint Pay Inc. employs effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), and fraud prevention systems and controls to mitigate and combat risks.

Glint Pay Services Ltd is based in London and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money (FRN 900657).

Glint’s clients know their gold is secured in a Brinks Vault in Switzerland; we conduct independent audits to verify gold holdings.

You get an instant ‘in app’ record of transactions to help you keep track of your spending and help you stay safe from fraud. If you suspect any fraud you can block (and unblock) your card directly in the app.


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Glint is privileged to be backed by a world-class group of investors who believe in our mission to redefine money and to make it fairer for everyone. Our individual professional investors are complemented by a number of well-established institutions, notably: