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Can I transfer physical gold into Glint?

In order for Glint to maintain the bullion industry standard and the monetary value our clients must have, we cannot accept any physical gold from outside of this accredited infrastructure.

Good Delivery bars are part of what is called the ‘chain of integrity’ which is a vital part of the physical bullion market’s infrastructure. These bars are manufactured by accredited refiners who are regularly subjected to double-blind tests by independent assayers. The bars spend their lives in accredited storage facilities and are transported only by accredited couriers.

The ‘chain’ refers to a formal history of who produced the bars (refiners) and who held the bars, when and where in accredited storage facilities, such as at a Brink’s vault. As long as these bars remain within these accredited vaults, the buyers know the ‘integrity’ of the bar meets these assured standards and can rely on the authenticity of the bars. The origin and transfer history of those bars are known which completes the chain of integrity.

Should a bar be removed from this closed-loop of accredited firms and was held outside of this chain of integrity, the authenticity of the physical bars cannot be accepted. The bars would have to be resent to the refiners to re-emerge as newly refined bars guaranteed as Good Delivery.

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