At a time of extraordinary monetary policy and when trust in currencies, banks and existing payment systems has been eroded.
Glint helps us move to a more just, sustainable and inclusive global economy

How is Glint special?

Glint is introducing gold as money

As a global currency that can be used in electronic payments in real-time.

Innovative Payment Technology

Glint has developed and utilises a highly scalable and resilient micro-services technology architecture to deliver a landmark liquidity for gold payments. Glint provides unprecedented liquidity by enabling physical gold to be settled at the point of electronic transaction.

Glint’s gold does not need to be sold in advance. There is no pre-paid card loading, the Glint debit Mastercard is externally authorised by Glint based on the real-time funds in your Glint account at the point-of-sale.

Reliable & Independent

Physical allocated gold is the most reliable store of value – Glint is the only way to spend it. Through our innovative app, Mastercard and banking integration you can use gold as money in every sense of the word. It’s entirely liquid yet still gives the same reassurance and universal recognition it always has. We’re taking gold out of the vaults and into your hands.

Fair & Transparent fees

Transferring currencies can be complicated, as well as expensive. Many companies aren’t entirely transparent about the fees they charge, so switching money around as you cross different borders can be as annoying as it is costly. Glint lets you transfer funds instantly, opening possibilities wherever you go. It’s hassle-free, and ensures you only pay the real-exchange rate, so you won’t get stung by hidden fees.

Choice and Control

As you can both store and spend gold alongside international currencies, you attain a unique choice as well as an additional level of control and protection over your money.

Glint gives you control by letting you independently store and manage your money outside the banking system.

Peace of mind

The gold you buy is physical gold that is legally allocated to you. In addition, any money that you hold with us is safeguarded in segregated client accounts and the physical gold that you buy in Brinks, one of the largest, most secure, independent and insured vaults in Switzerland.

You’ll also get instant in app record of your transaction to help you keep track of your spending, to help you stay safe from fraud. And if you suspect any fraud you can block (and unblock) your card directly in the app.

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