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Monopoly Night in America

Guest Editorial by David Sanders Who could forget family game night?  For the thespians in all of us it was Charades.  For the wan...

18 January 2019


Guest Editorial by David Sanders

Who could forget family game night?  For the thespians in all of us it was Charades.  For the wanna be wordsmiths, Scrabble.  The future doctors honed their steady hand playing Operation, the really little kids wanted to romp through Candy Land which upon finishing scrounged whatever sweets they could find.  Future diplomats or dictators played Diplomacy and Grandpa always tried to swindle the family’s pocket change over a seemingly harmless, “just a few hands” of poker.  All of these games have a special place in our homes and hearts.  Quite possibly they helped define our characters and maybe even taught us a few life lessons and skills.

Inevitably, one person in the family would suggest Monopoly.  This was greeted with a wide swath of response.  “It’s too long” flew first out of dad’s mouth.  Mom didn’t like the constant infighting.  The boys tussled over the pewter car so they could make engine noises as they motored around the board.  The girls fawned over the precious little doggy.  And finally, grandpa was there to tell you a tale of the depression and of course, take all your money.  All in all a glorious family cacophony (Special side note, my grandfather Edward was raised very close to Baltic Avenue in Atlantic City during the depression and yes that was the crappy purple property nobody seemed to want.  He told me he was once robbed and only had a skate key, he didn’t even own the skates to go with said key).  So back to my article.  Usually one person was very eager to be the banker, but why?  Come hook or crook, in this case a crook, we learned this person cheated.  What in the wide wide world of sports, (thank you Mel Brooks/Slim Pickens) brought about this greedy behavior?  In 1991 Parker Brothers was sold to Hasbro who realized this plus many other infractions and released a Cheaters Edition.

Because this is a blog and not a novel, I will refer you to your favorite source of information on the internet or simply trust me.  Monopoly in its rawest form was originally called the LandLord’s Game and was invented in 1903 by Lizzie Maggie and then patented in 1904.  Maggie had originally set the game up to make people aware of Ricardo’s Law of Rent.  She included two sets of rules one for the Anti-Monopolist and one for the Monopolist.  Maggie wanted to clearly show the difference and why people should be up in arms.  Since then the game went through many iterations from different groups of people in various cities and finally ended up among Quakers in Atlantic City.  This version of the game was copied by Charles Darrow and sold to Parker Brothers.  Apparently, Milton Bradley and Parker Brother turned down the game on different occasions and blamed it on things such as “too complicated” and, “too long to play”.

Ok, now for the crux of this article and possibly my conspiracy mind acting out.  What I find fascinating is Monopoly was turned down for years but then suddenly produced in 1935.  Warning dear reader as this is pure speculation by me, so…What happened in 1933?  If you said, easy FDR took the U.S. off the Gold Standard.  Kudos to you dear reader!  Once the U.S. was off the Gold Standard all kinds of coinage disappeared leaving a need for currency.  Paper money was flooding the streets of America soon after and was accepted out of necessity.  Yes there was paper money before but this new money wasn’t redeemable for Gold it was becoming Fiat Money, aka toilet paper.  When the notes were no longer redeemable for Silver in 1968 the transition was complete. Was Monopoly a scheme by the establishment to get the average American family and future families to accept paper money?  I believe it was and it succeeded thus far but the world is currently puking up this grotesque concoction.  Debt is now defined in trillions, trillions dude!  If you really don’t understand how big that number is see here.  While you are at it feel free to look up de-dollarization, go ahead, I’ll wait.

The evidence is mounting that something must be done and soon!  At least Monopoly has kept up with the changing landscape.  Look at this Monopoly version with a bank card that tracks your wealth, ahem, you mean debt right Monopoly?  While I am ranting, why is it called a credit score when you are really applying for debt?!

Millennials would understand wealth if they were exposed to it.  Fiat Money globally has about run its course and a lot of people can’t even save for big items because of inflation.  Please take a look at the most recent Monopoly board, Monopoly for Millennials.  The banker box literally gloats and bashes you with its cane while stating, “Forget Real Estate. You can’t afford it anyway.”  I would suggest to Millennials instead of getting angry, get even.  Nothing could get you more even than to save and spend in Gold.  Say goodbye to inflation, it won’t harm you when you are vested in Gold.  Then pick up a copy of The Creature from Jekyll Island.  Learn how this happened and pass this information on to your children so it can’t happen again.

Ready, set, save!  Once you are onboard and ready to take command of your wealth, work hard and set your sights on what you are saving for: An education, a house, a zombie monster truck.  It is all up for grabs and you can afford it sooner than later with Gold.  Don’t believe me?  Just check out this handy Gold calculator and thank me later.  In this reality you do pass GO and you do collect $200.  Just make sure you save in Gold.


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