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ExPat Investor Names Glint Among 5 Best Banking Apps for Borderless Living

Glint is named as one of the best 5 banking apps available for those seeking borderless living 

This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on Expat Investor

The new wave of financial apps makes global banking as easy as ABC

Looking for an easier way to manage your money and multiple currencies while living abroad? Check out these banking apps.

Living globally often means having to deal with different currencies and cross-border banking on a day-to-day basis, which can be problematic, inconvenient and downright expensive.

If you relish the idea of managing your money, payments, transfers and multiple currencies at your fingertips, then branchless, mobile-only banks can be a perfect solution for you.

These banks offer low fees, a prompt and efficient customer service, a quick and no-fuss opening of an account, advanced safety features and many more enticing perks.

They also feature real-time payment notifications, meaning you receive an alert every time there is some activity on your account. This not only makes it easier to keep track of your spending, but you can also immediately spot if someone’s using your account fraudulently.

Some of them go even further and offer an opportunity to open a bank account in other countries without proof of address. In addition, they offer several wallets of different currencies (including crypto and gold), and quite often promise to save customers a hefty amount of money on currency exchange.

Today we are going to have a more detailed look at some of the most interesting and advanced mobile banking apps out there, which can make your money managing routine easy, non-disruptive and cheap.



One of the most curious financial apps trying to elbow its way through to the public, Glint offers the Glint account, smartphone app and Mastercard that allow you to store, exchange, send and spend currencies and, for the first-time, physical gold.

The founders say their aim is to “reintroduce gold as money, for the first time ever as a global currency that can be spent real-time at the electronic point of sale”.

It means that as a Glint customer you can use gold in real-time electronic point of sale payments via Mastercard no matter whether you are buying a pint in a local pub or a Heritage Bentley model.

You can buy physical gold and use it as money in real-time. And you can sell it for GBP sterling at any time. Your gold will be stored in insured and independent professional market vaults in Zurich, Switzerland.

Soon, Glint promises, its customers will be able to use gold for payments to and from bank accounts.

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The Glint Mastercard

With the Glint contactless payment card, you can shop and withdraw cash in both pounds and gold wherever Mastercard is accepted globally.

As well as pound sterling and gold, Glint will soon be offering US dollars, Euro, Swiss Francs, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen and other currencies through the Glint app.


Signing up and ordering a card is free.

Vaulting for your gold is free with Brink’s Zurich, one of the world’s most secure gold vaulting companies.

Buying and selling gold will be charged at 0.5%. Transfers use the ‘real exchange rate’, which is always shown clearly on the app.

You can apply for an account and a card through the website. The waiting list is pretty long, so don’t hope to get an account instantly. However, when you get it, it’s really easy to use the app, transfer cash in and buy/sell gold.

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