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With Linqto you can join the investors who have backed Glint: the 5th fastest growing UK tech company, that is rapidly expanding in the USA.

Linqto is the leading financial technology investment platform allowing accredited investors to identify, evaluate, invest in, and make liquid investments in the world’s leading unicorns and private companies. Linqto has a limited allocation of Glint shares that you can buy.

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The GoldFi platform

GLINT is the scalable GoldFi platform that brings everyone a reliable alternative to banking, payments and money.

It is the first in the world to enable you to buy, save, send and spend multiple currencies including real gold, made liquid through Glint’s advanced technology with the Glint App, Mastercard® and Gold Portal for wealth managers.

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The monetary system is broken

Glint is a response to inflation, fractional reserve banking, systemic problems in the financial sector and the challenges in enabling gold to participate in the digital payments ecosystem.

Banks put your money at risk and the US Dollar and the British Pound have devalued over 88% since the dollar came off the gold standard 50 years ago in 1971. Gold, one of the most proven and trusted stores of value has increased by over 500% over the same period but until now it hasn’t been a good medium of exchange.

Imagine investing in a business that solves these problems and is revolutionizing payments across the world. Thanks to Glint, with its teams in the USA, UK and soon in Europe, everyone can now have their own personal gold standard.

Our journey to growth & profits

Imagine what we could do together!

We’re experiencing high demand for this round and we don’t want you to miss out, so, register and invest now.

You now have a chance to be a shareholder of Glint alongside our Institutional and Accredited investors who include the likes of Sibanye-Stillwater’s BionicCube Innovation Fund, Sprott Asset Management, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, The British Business Bank and Craig Dewer, the co-founder of GPS that powers $Billion neo banks like Revolut, Starling, Monzo and Curve

Products & Features
Save Gold
Save Gold

Buy and save gold in any amount on demand or automated with a gold accumulation plan.

Spend Gold

Instantly with the Glint Mastercard®, accepted globally in 210 countries.

Send Gold

Alternative global gold-based payments system outside of the banking system and as easy as sending a text.

Multi-currency tech

GOLD, USD, GBP & EUR + others coming soon.

Portal for wealth managers

Newly launched platform offering allocated gold & unprecedented portfolio liquidity.

Global platform

Teams in UK and USA and open to applicants from over 190 countries.

Cheap foreign exchange

Exchange between currencies with the real exchange rate and up to 6x cheaper than banks.


Authorised by the U.K.’s FCA, regulatory framework in the USA, Mastercard Principal membership and pending Danish e-money license.

What our clients say about us on Trustpilot
Rated 4.6 stars on average from over 1,600 customer reviews.
Sign up was quick and easy
Sign up was quick and easy. $10 for my card. It came in the mail quick. Loading up my account with my wells fargo debit card was smooth as silk. Bought gold quick and easy. The whole experience has been a good one. Now im a non paid promoter tellin friends, family, coworkers lol.
Transferring Funds Is A Breeze
Transferring funds is simple as the AP is really well designed and runs smoothly. So far, I have been quite happy with the ease of operation. You come highly recommended by people I trust.
Security in a crazy world
We are learning that deposits in a bank do not actually belong to us. Asset backed savings is the only way to go. Allocated gold is much better than an ETF (you don't own the gold) and in many ways better than holding physical bars. The friction in buying and selling physical gold is still crazy high. Glad to have Glint to turn to in times like this! Super easy to use.
Craig Seidler
Excellent Customer Support
The Glint support team gave me a prompt and complete answer to a problem I was having when signing up and I was able to open my account without any issues. I'm very impressed so far with what this company has to offer and am pleased to have begun my investment in gold.
Glint is Gold
The Glint app was easy to use as I was guided through useful instructions in setting up my account. I am excited to have made my first ever gold purchase through this very cool debit card service.
Douglas Newell
Easy app to download and navigate
Information easy to understand, verification quick, app works smoothly so ready to buy and save instantly - Purchased gold and Glint card ordered - Excellent service
How will we use your investment?
We will use your investment for working capital to launch new revenue streams and regions, acquire new retail and wealth manager clients, improve engagement and acquire the regulatory licenses for new regions with the goal of building a global gold based financial services ecosystem.
New Revenue Streams

Gold Portal for Wealth Managers, Subscription tiers, Metal cards (incl. solid 18ct gold Mastercard®), Gold bridge to crypto (pending clarity on regulatory landscape), Business accounts, New Currencies, and Retirement savings.


Leverage favourable market conditions to build momentum in the acquisition of new retail and business customers and their associated revenues within US, British and European markets using our proven digital advertising and influencer marketing techniques. Make the product inherently viral, encourage increased referrals and develop affiliate and white label partnerships. 


Post Brexit relaunch into the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) and access to an additional 500 million citizens and 20 million+ businesses and aim to focus on Switzerland and Germany.