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What is the average increase in the gold price each year?

Since 1973, on average gold has risen 9.6% (year on year). This is an average, so it cannot be said to happen every year. Gold is understood to keep its value over time, so it is worth comparing this figure to the inflation of other currencies over the same amount of time.

One statistic that is worth remembering is that if you had put £100 in the bank every month for the last 20 years, you would now have £24,000. If you had bought £100 worth of gold every month you would now have gold worth £50,000. This simple fact demonstrates the power of gold to beat inflation and help you keep your wealth through your lifetime, saving and spending it efficiently and being able to pass it on to future generations.

gold an yearly 1

Source: Bloomberg/Hinde Capital

If you take a smaller time frame, then on average gold has risen 3.7% per year since 1980.

gold an yearly 2

Source: Bloomberg/Hinde Capital